ACSBM / FCSBM Non-Partisan Program:

American Founders’ Month

Purpose: to Celebrate the Unique American Heritage Afforded us By the Founding Figures and Founding Documents


  1. Counter-act assertions that Standards are weak on American History & Civics and that Some Standards and Materials are “Un-American” in tone or character by locally strengthening the curriculum.
  2. Frequent, In depth exposure to content so that civics isn't a new subject when they arrive in 7th grade and (in Florida) need to pass the End of Course (EOC) exam.
  3. Build bridges between the classroom and elected and appointed officials, verterans, and non-partisan patriotic organizations resulting in stronger communities centered on American Values contained in the founding documents




History of American Founders' Month:

This program began life as a bill in the Florida State House. The FCSBM thought it was a timely idea and decided to "local-ize" it by making it a district level implementation. 

On August 25th, 2015 a proclamation (See it here)  declaring the month of September as American Founders' Month was made by the School Board of Indian River County launching our pilot program.

Integrating the schools into the community (& vice versa)- A similar proclamation is expected to be made in the Board of County Commissioners, encouraging elected and appointed staff to participate with the school district and to include the founding figures and documents in professional development. 

FCSBM members are working on a technical paper and resource guide for implementation, based on the results of our pilot study which we will share with our members in hopes that other districts will voluntarily participate in September of 2017. 

Many ideas worth exploring:

Lesson Plan Competition

Essay Competition for students

PSA "what it means to me" competition for students to create a 30 second video spot for local broadcast

Resource Sharing:

Partnering with Foundations and Groups to put copies of the founding documents into the hands of students

Have an idea? Share it with us info (at) ACSBM (dot) Org 



For Elementary Students: 

A classic: 


Middle School:

Your local Veteran's Council-

Indian River Veterans Council- Americanism Program- For more information please call 772-696-5182   cost= FREE 



 Why America Is Free: A History of the Founding of the American Republic 1750-1800, by Hamburger, Fischer, and Gravlin

(4th - 8th grade primary audience, enrichment for other grades)



 Liberty Day Institute: Lesson plans and games such as "are you smarter than a Founding Father"

Heritage Foundation Lessons:TEACHER'S edition here

This book is designed for students at the high-school level and above. Some lessons may be accessible to younger students.


Lesson Plans: Unit 1: Understanding The Constitution

Unit 2: The Legislature

Unit 3: The Executive Branch

Unit 4: The Judicial Branch

Unit 5: The Constitution, Federalism, and The States

Unit 6: Amendments and The Bill of Rights

Unit 7: Slavery, Voting, and the Constitution

Editors at Heritage Foundation- (visit and support their efforts)

 Julia Shaw, Managing EditorResearch Associate and Program ManagerB. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and PoliticsThe Heritage Foundation

Sonya Haskins, Contributing EditorAuthor of The Homeschooler’s Book of Lists

Matthew Spalding, Contributing EditorVice President, American StudiesDirector, B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and PoliticsThe Heritage Foundation