Boards of Excellence


Board of Excellence Distinction

Boards should be prepared to take a quantum leap forward in quality and intensity of effort.
Audience: School Boards

P.R.I.M.E.D. for Victory©

To qualify for the distinction of Board of Excellence a Board corporate must have a majority of members who are Certified Board Members with at least one member as a Certified School Board Leader and complete the following two days of training. 

Modules for complete Boards:

Introduction to the Science of Strategy for Executive Level Leaders (Day 1 / 5-6 hours customizable)

  • Understanding Competitive Systems and working together within the Conflict Continuum- Strategy 101 – Didactic – Creating a toolbox and setting expectations (WEBINAR & LIVE / approximately 60 min)
  • Strategic Analysis – Where are we? Interactive and District Specific (LIVE / approximately 90 min)
  • Advancing a Strategic Position – Keys to Leading Change – How do we get to a future desired state? Interactive and District-Specific (LIVE / approximately 90 min)

Accountability Culture and Systems- 360 degree Trust and Candor (Day 2 / 5-6 hours customizable)

  • Motivation – Creating a Motivating Culture and Motivated Environment – Roles and Responsibilities for Leadership Team and Management. (WEBINAR & LIVE)
  • Ability – Tools for Communicating through contentious challenges without damaging relationships. (WEBINAR & LIVE)
  • Team Dynamics – Moving from workgroups into a cohesive and productive team (WEBINAR & LIVE)

Change Leadership and Conflict Resolution Methods and tools have been developed over 25 years with extensive research and over 30,000 case studies.